Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Microsoft ad

I was a bit dissappointed with the dog ad of microsoft. The ad does not stand to the level of Microsoft's image. The ad is supposed to bring out the distinction between original and pirated software, but I feel it brings out more the distinction between cheap and costly software. Thus, indirectly microsoft is mentioning that its software is costly.
Though it is a known fact, I think microsoft (or its ad agency) should try to project the value of its original software, say, in terms of the benefits of warranty, etc.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Havell's Ads

So many new ads got introduced since I wrote last...Let me start with Havell ads.
Havells is an equipment company with a wide range of electrical products ( . They have a very good series of ads for each of these products. The ads seem to have improved after they changed their ad agency to Lowe (from I think Oxygencommunications). All the ads are nicely shot. Each of the ad tries to cover one aspect of emotion/feeling - cables ad portrays mother and son sentiment (the best of the lot), bulb ad tries to bring out fun using religion, fan ad (the one in which a fat man is tied to a chair) is purely on fun aspect. There are few bad ones too, such as the fan ad in which a guy uses a book with a picture of Havells fan to fan himself. But overall, I think Lowe has done a good job with the ads to capture the mind share of the customer.

Havells Cables:

Havells bulb ad:


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vodafone Alerts

The recent series of ads for vodafone alerts is really amazing. The picturization is very simple and funny. It has that aura of mystery around it which makes the viewer to stick to the TV till the end of the ad. The ad agency for this campaign seems to be Ogilvy & Mather (source: They also had handled the 'Hutch is now Vodafone' campaign. Their work on this is very creative.

I have seen 3 ads in this series. I like the 'Lift' ad the best.


Other 2 ads:
Goat Milk:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paint Ads

Isn't it amazing how a small commodity such as paint can be associated to a person's lifestyle, occasion, etc? Long gone are those days when only the exteriors of the house were painted. Now, people spend good amount of time choosing colors for their walls, both exterior and interior. People have started preferring painting the walls of the same room with different colors, say, to bring out a theme. I guess the creative ads by the various paint companies have some contribution to this new trend. Most of us remember the campaigns such as 'Mera wala cream' or 'Wah Sunil babu!'. These will be remembered for long and the thought of painting a house surely flashes those ads in our minds.
Though not in the league of such famous campaigns, but I liked the recent ads of Berger Paints. Their tag line, 'Paint your imagination', has been well represented in some of their ads, mainly the below one. The music score supports the picturization very well. The ad very clearly presents the conflict that most of the couples face while building their houses, and hence will create the emotional connect very easily. Also, if you observe, few years back, the cement or paint ads used to show families in their late thirties or early forties. This ad, however, targets the latest customers - middle-class young people (late twenties & early thirties). Enough of my analysis, enjoy the ad now!

Other ads:

Monday, December 17, 2007

Buckley's Cough Syrup

Yesterday, I downloaded some Comedy Central podcasts and I saw an ad at the end of the podcast. This ad was so different and against trends that I couldn't think of not writing about it on the blog. Check the ads of this product. These ads stress on the bad taste of the cough syrup but mention that it works! I find it amazing how daring they were to pick such a campaign. It gives a 'yuck' feeling but surely puts the brand name in the minds of the customer. So, I guess they were trying to play the 'brand recall' game to increase the sales. It is a popular syrup in Canada and Saatchi & Saatchi, New York has led the campaign ( Other articles on it:,,

Have a look at these interesting (but gross) videos of the ads (for more, search for "buckley's" on youtube):

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Idea Ads

The latest Idea Ad with Abhishek Bachchan uses the caste differences as background and tries to drive home that an idea can change lives. The concept is moderately ok, picturization was decent, abhishek bachchan's expressions were good.
However, while searching for the video of this ad in youtube, I came across one of the older ads of Idea. The main theme of the ad is that the idea connectivity is everywhere. This is a nice ad and the idea is good. The picturization could be better in terms of clearly showing how far the monkey had travelled and into uninhabited places. Check that ad too.

Ad with Abhishek Bachchan (courtesy: youtube)

Ad with monkey (courtesy: youtube)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watching TV Ads - My Hobby

It is amazing how the time flies by so quickly! I have completed 4 terms already, i.e., half of my MBA course!! However, the way the life is, I have to be aware that the tougher part is yet to come! Anyways, this post is not about the future troubles, but about my pastime - TV Ads.

I will be posting videos of some of the ads (both recent and old) and express my views/comments/critique on those ads.

I shall start with the recent Reliance Mobile's campaign - Bol India Bol. These ads are really amazing. I have seen 2 ads ('sawaal' & 'advice')from this campaign and both of them are really good. The best part of these ads is that the audience can relate with the ad right from the first sentence. The picturization, the characters, the music and the expressions of the actors really keep the audience engrossed till the end. The background voice is a perfect fit to the ad. You can watch it as many times as you want and still not get bored. Cool Ad! Watch it for sure by clicking the below video icon (courtesy: you tube)